6. Changes

6.1. Release 0.12.3 (released 9-Dec-2014)

6.1.1. Changes

  • Methods older and newer: rewrite of boundary conditions processing.

6.1.2. Bugs fixed

  • Method split: wrong return signal when split at or after self end.
  • Method older: wrong end time of return signal.

6.1.3. Documentation

  • Methods split, newer and older: new documentation and layout.

6.2. Release 0.12.2 (released 6-Dec-2014)

6.2.1. Bugs fixed

  • Method correlation: fix wrong computation of correlation function when there is a mask.
  • Method phase: fix initial search width not set to the whole shift range.

6.2.2. Documentation

  • Method correlation: new documentation layout.

6.3. Release 0.12.1 (released 3-Dec-2014)

6.3.1. New features

  • Method phase: add correlation value at phase shift.

6.3.2. Bugs fixed

  • Method phase: fix incomplete refactoring of other identifier.

6.4. Release 0.12.0 (released 1-Dec-2014)

6.4.1. New features

  • Method shift: now skips computations for zero offset.
  • New method phase: computation of phase among two signals.

6.4.2. Changes

  • Method split: now manage a split time outside signal domain returning the proper void signal.
  • Method correlation: dropped step_left and step_right arguments, substituted skip and width.
  • Method plotchar: dropped period argument.
  • Method mod2code: now symbol start time is the phase with respect to the sig start time.
  • Methods noise and square: now require an origin argument.

6.4.3. Internals

  • Method correlation: refactoring for new arguments skip and width.
  • Method correlation: augumented test.
  • New method phase: add test.

6.4.4. Documentation

  • Started better layout for function/methods arguments and return patterns.

6.5. Release 0.11.2 (released 8-Oct-2014)

6.5.1. Bugs fixed

  • Method plotchar: missing last non flat char after flat chars.

6.6. Release 0.11.1 (released 6-Oct-2014)

6.6.1. Changes

  • Method plotchar: now argument max_flat deault is None, was 100 .

6.6.2. Bugs fixed

  • Method level: now for time < start return (None,0) .
  • Method plotchar: last flat lost when signal end < plot end.
  • Method stream: now the newest part is self, was a new allocated signal.

6.6.3. Internals

  • Method plotchar refactored.
  • New test for methods level and plotchar.

6.7. Release 0.11.0 (released 1-Oct-2014)

6.7.1. Features added

  • Method plotchar: semigraphic signal plot with line drawing characters.

6.7.2. Changes

  • Method level: now return None, len(signal) when time is beyond signal end.
  • Method elapse: return zero when signal is void, before was none.

6.7.3. Bugs fixed

  • Method serial_tx: returned void signal when chars had len == 1.
  • Method serial_rx: dead lock when last sample time was before end time and after last ege time.

6.7.4. Documentation

  • Add example plot.

6.8. Release 0.10.0 (released 26-Sep-2014)

6.8.1. Features added

  • Method validate: a consistency checker for signal attributes.
  • Method code2mod: code to symbols signal modulator.
  • Method mod2code: demodulator by maximum correlation symbol estimation.
  • Example “modulation”.
  • New method end_level: return the ending level of a signal.
  • New method older: return the older part of a signal with respect to a given time.
  • New method newer: return the newer part of a signal with respect to a given time.

6.8.2. Changes

  • Method test changed to function.
  • Signal instancing now validate signal attributes.
  • Now, instancing of Signal() generates a void signal.
  • Changed return of method split when split time falls outside signal domain.
  • Now method serial_tx generate a serial signal with start=origin.

6.8.3. Bugs fixed

  • Method chop: wrong chop when split falls on signal end.
  • Method __add__: added inplace=false to join call.
  • Method level: wrong level returned.
  • Method join: changed start and end calls with corresponding attributes.
  • Method serial_rx: corrected wrong char start detection and level tests.
  • Method noise: missing return argument, the noise signal itself.
  • Method append: now update correctly the end time of the result.

6.8.4. Documentation

  • Added the rules of BTS format.

6.8.5. Internals

  • Rewrite of void signal handling through all methods and functions.
  • New test for methods code2mod and mod2code.
  • Refactored method split with method level.
  • Added random inplace to spit/join test.
  • New test for methods older and newer.
  • Method append: now implemented with a call to split.

6.9. Release 0.9.0 (released 10-Sep-2014)

6.9.1. Features added

  • New method level: return the signal level and edge position at a given time.
  • Methods shift, reverse, __invert__ now can work inplace: result into self signal.
  • New method __nonzero__: return true if the signal is not empty.

6.9.2. Changes

  • All methods and objects changed to work with the new BTS format (v2).
  • Removed methods: start, end.

6.9.3. Bugs fixed

  • Fix method reverse: now works when signal start != 0.
  • Fix method split when split time falls on signal start or end and after last edge.
  • Fix method chop.
  • Fix methods __eq__ and __ne__: now work when operands are None.
  • Fix function serial_rx. Now work with constant (no edges) signals. Eliminated spurious status generation.

6.9.4. Internals

  • Method _intersect now returns as last edge position the position plus one.
  • Added tests for inplace/noinplace testing.

6.10. Release 0.8.0 (released 26-Aug-2014)

6.10.1. Features added

  • New method chop: divide a signal in a sequence of contiguous signal of given period.
  • Method correlation now has a mask argument: if mask signal is not none, the correlation is computed only where mask=1.
  • Method join now has an inplace arguments. When true, no new signal is generated for the join result. Self signal is used instead.
  • Method pwm2bin now can convert by synchronouos symbols correlation.
  • Method split now has an inplace argument. When true, no new signal is generated for the newer signal part. Self signal is used instead.
  • Method split, when splitting on a signal change time, now assigns the change to the start of the newer signal part.

6.10.2. Changes

  • Methods start, end, elapsed now return None when the signal time changes sequence is empty.
  • Method bin2pwm now signal start=origin and signal end is not extended.

6.10.3. Bugs fixed

  • Fix method correlation stepping limits for defaults.
  • Fix method split splitting on a change time: now correct end of older part and correct start of newer part are generated. start of newer were generated.
  • Fix method serial_rx bit time computation: use floats.

6.10.4. Internals

  • Added test for method chop.
  • Added test for new the convertion mode (sync symb corr) of method pwm2bin.

6.11. Release 0.7.1 (released 3-Feb-2014)

6.11.1. Bugs fixed

  • Fix inequality test: missing __ne__ method.

6.11.2. Internals

  • Optimized “and” and “or” operator for constant signals.

6.12. Release 0.7.0 (released 27-Jan-2014)

6.12.1. Features added

  • Add buf_step to method stream.
  • Add return self to in place working method clone_into.

6.12.2. Incompatible changes

  • Change step_start, step_num with step_left, step_right in method correlation.
  • Change correlation unittest from a graphic one to procedural only.

6.13. Release 0.6.0 (released 16-Dec-2013)

6.13.1. Features added

  • Add method clone_into.
  • Add method concatenate: add operator.
  • Add method stream.
  • Add method elapse returning the signal elapse time.
  • Add example to demonstrate phase recovery from a noisy signal (lockin).
  • Add examples, module reference, bts format, change log to doc pages.
  • Add unittest for stream.

6.13.2. Incompatible changes

  • Change start level with active argument in noise method.

6.13.3. Bugs fixed

  • Fix method append: make it return the signal with the append result.
  • Fix shift in correlation method.
  • Fix time shift computation in correlaton method: was delayed by 1 step size.

6.13.4. Internals

  • Change method append: check arguments with assert.
  • Refactor method split.

6.14. Release 0.5.0 (released 9-Dec-2013)

6.14.1. Features added

  • Embed y limits setting into plot method.
  • Add method square for signal generation of a periodc square wave.
  • Add a more fine control in correlation function computation.
  • Add signal append method.
  • Add method start, return signal start time.
  • Add method end, return signal end time.
  • Add method len, return signal change times sequence length.

6.14.2. Incompatible changes

  • Change start times computation in bin2pwn, serial_tx to minimize time elapse from start to first change.

6.14.3. Bugs fixed

  • Fix 0.4.0 release changelog: missing changes.

6.14.4. Internals

  • Change noise from method to function.
  • Change examples for changed noise method.

6.15. Release 0.4.0 (released 2-Dec-2013)

6.15.1. Features added

  • Add signal split method.
  • Add two signals join method.
  • Add unittest for split and join.
  • Add float times capability to BTS signals.

6.15.2. Incompatible changes

  • Uniformate pwm2bin arguments to bin2pwm methods.
  • Add tscale=1. argument in bin2pwm.
  • Change to tscale=1. argument in serial_tx.

6.15.3. Bugs fixed

  • Fix slevel setup, signal start and end in bin2pwm.

6.15.4. Internals

  • Rewrite jitter method.

6.16. Release 0.3.0 (released 11-Nov-2013)

6.16.1. Features added

  • Add async serial transmitter (bits.serial_tx method) from chars to BTS serial line signal.
  • Add async serial receiver (bitis.serial_rx method) from BTS serial line to chars.
  • Add async serial transmitter example: serial_tx.py.
  • Add unittest for async serial tx and rx.
  • Modified plot method: only 0,1 ticks on y axis.

6.17. Release 0.2.0 (released 4-Nov-2013)

6.17.1. Features added

  • Add PWM coder and decoder between a BTS signal (PWM) and a binary code.
  • New correlation example.

6.18. Release 0.1.0 (released 29-Oct-2013)

  • First release.

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